Metal Coatings

With extensive experience in the market, we work with all types of metallic coatings, such as: ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE (ACM), SOLID ALUMINUM, STAINLESS, steel and GALVALUME.

We possess technical department and highly trained assembly teams, combined with modern equipment ensuring speed, quality and peace of mind to our customers.

The metallic coatings are suitable for applications in facades, canopies, columns, porticos, interior retrofit, among others.

The metallic coating has as main advantages the flatness, lightness, durability, ease of upkeep and management in the most varied forms.

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Aluminum Composite (ACM)

Aluminum Composite is formed by two aluminum sheets with thickness of 0.5 mm each and a low density polyethylene core. The total thickness of the panel is 4mm (standard). Standard measures of material are 1220mm x 5000mm or 1500mm x 5000mm.

The type of painting is the PVDF Carbon Fluoride (external) or polyester (internal).

The plates can be plain or perforated.

Solid Aluminum

The solid aluminum plate is a 100% aluminum sheet pre-painted using the modern coil coating system with Kynar 500 finish (external) or polyester (internal). The thicknesses of the panels are 1.2 mm or 1.5mm. Standard measures of material are 1250mm x 3000mm or 1500mm x 3000mm.

The sheets can be plain or perforated. 

Pre-Painted Steel

Pre-painted steel is a sheet with thickness of 0.95mm, galvanized and painted by polyester coil coating process, measuring 1200mm x 3000mm. It is an alternative to reducing costs of some projects.

The plates can be plain or perforated.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a sheet with thickness of 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm or 1.20 mm, with widths of 1000mm or 1200mm and lengths of 2000mm or 3000mm (other measures upon request). It is a modern, inspiring and sustainable alternative for some projects.

The plates can be plain or perforated.


External Coatings: (Facades, Marquees, Balconies, Fascias, Retrofitting, Porticoes, Louvers, etc..).

Internal Coatings: (Beams, Pillars, Linings, Partitions, Elevator Halls, Escalators, etc..).

Visual Communication: (Totems, Displays, Luminous Advertising Boards, etc..)


SUL METAIS has a specialized technical team to service customers in all the work processes from design development to delivery of work, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and service quality.

SUL METAIS has all machinery and tooling required for the processing of any type of coating, executed by qualified and trained personnel to ensure the quality of items.

SUL METAIS has specialized assembly teams to ensure the final quality of services provided.

SUL METAIS is prepared to receive and implement any project of all sizes throughout Brazil ensuring full customer satisfaction, which is our commitment and that has been achieved for over 18 years.

The sum of this entire process ensures the customer the security of delivery of the work in the shortest possible time with speed, accuracy and quality of services.


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