Sistemas Modulares

Composed of square panels of 625mm x 625mm with beveled edges forming flat checkerboard lattice panels.

The panels are clicked into occluded door panel sustained side by side with dry liner.

The door panel is fitted to the side profile, maintaining alignment of structure and simplifying installation.

These panels can also be used as vertical closures.

Composed of rectangular panels of 1250mm x 625mm.

Panels can be plain or perforated.

The lining support is made through J-beam, which allows easy access to the areas above it by means of a tilting system without removing panels.

This lining model has dry liner and occluded supporting profiles.

The plank lining has perfect aesthetic finish and excellent flatness.

Composed of square panels of 625mm x 625mm, with recessed edges resting on T-beams with 15mm at the bottom or top hat beam.
The panels can be plain or perforated.
The recessed edges of the panels create a lining with excellent aesthetics.

Composed of panels with varying dimensions, attached to beams such as "Top Hat" that become apparent forming modules of 1250mm x 1250mm or continuously parallel profiles.

Panels can be plain or perforated.

The hot hat profiles also allow composition with other models of metal linings.

Due to the open joint panel system, access to the areas above the lining for maintenance is extremely simple and fast.

Composed of plain or perforated rectangular panels of 500mm x1500mm.

Installed by pressure to support beams installed in a single direction (longitudinally), ensuring excellent overall aesthetic finish, ease of removal and return of panels without changing the quality of material and installation.

The SM-1500 lining system can be installed in places where resistance to strong gusts of wind is required, such as subway tunnels, outdoor areas, etc..

Removal is done with the elevation of the panel and return is done with light pressure until the panel clicks into place.

The SM-1500 system is unique because of the fixing of panels to the profile, making the whole lining the most modern in the market, with low maintenance costs and ease of cleaning.




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