Modular Lining SM-1500

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Composed of plain or perforated rectangular panels of 500mm x1500mm.

Installed by pressure to support beams installed in a single direction (longitudinally), ensuring excellent overall aesthetic finish, ease of removal and return of panels without changing the quality of material and installation.

The SM-1500 lining system can be installed in places where resistance to strong gusts of wind is required, such as subway tunnels, outdoor areas, etc..

Removal is done with the elevation of the panel and return is done with light pressure until the panel clicks into place.

The SM-1500 system is unique because of the fixing of panels to the profile, making the whole lining the most modern in the market, with low maintenance costs and ease of cleaning.


Raw Material: Aluminum or Galvalume (Aluzinc).

Dimensions: Modules of 500mm x 1500mm.

Finishing: Painting is carried out in a continuous process, ensuring uniformity of color.

Lighting: Allows the use of modular, cylindrical, recessed or ceiling-mounted luminaires.

Acoustics: Allows the use of mineral wool blanket coated on both faces with black veil with the same modulation of the lining or nonwoven (TNT).


It is important to ensure the conservation of the product by performing periodic cleaning using soft cloth and mild detergent diluted in water.

The product is under constant development and possible changes may occur.


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