Beehive Roofing - SM-625D

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Composed of monolithic checkered grid formed by U-beams with 10mm at the bottom and thickness of 25mm, 37mm and 50mm.

As it is a perforated liner, total use of the wall height is provided, having a great aesthetic effect valuing the environme


Raw Material: Aluminum or Galvalume (Aluzinc).
Dimensions: Standard modules of 625mm x 625mm, 1250mm x 625mm, or according to design needs.
Finishing: Painting is carried out in a continuous process, ensuring uniformity of color.
Roof Meshes: 42.5mm x 42.5mm / 52.5mm x 52.5mm / 62.5mm x 62.5mm / 78mm x 78mm / 90mm x 90mm / 104mm x104mm, and 125mm x125mm or alternate and special upon request.
Lighting: Allows the use of modular, cylindrical, recessed or ceiling-mounted luminaires.
Acoustics: Allows the use of mineral wool blanket coated on both faces with black veil with the same modulation of the lining.


Linings can be attached to beams for easy removal and access for maintenance.
It is important to ensure the conservation of the product by performing periodic cleaning using soft cloth and mild detergent diluted in water.
The product is under constant development and possible changes may occur.


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