The company


SUL METAIS, a company in the industry of metal roof linings and facades that has been operating in the market since 1988, began their operations in a small representative office.

Today, with an automated factory and a fully computerized technical department, coupled with the commitment of our professionals with our vision of being acknowledged as the best company for roof linings and facades, the company develops differentiated products and full projects.

Our service is personalized and our goal is to adapt the design to specific needs of each client, whether in large or small areas. 

Roof Linings

Developed in aluminum or steel, roof linings by SUL METAIS are easy to install and quick to maintain, being removable, produced and installed in standard or special measures (upon request).

Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings by SUL METAIS are produced with the purpose of creating and developing solutions for each project or design, minimizing costs and enabling the execution of the work.

Linings and coatings by SUL METAIS give a sophisticated touch to the environment and can be found in several models, covering all lines of market, as well as some special models. 


• SUL METAIS has a specialized technical team serving customers in all processes of the work, from project development to delivery, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of services provided.

• SUL METAIS has all machinery and tooling required for the processing of their products, executed by qualified and trained personnel in order to ensure the final quality of services provided.

• SUL METAIS has its own specialized assembly teams that guarantee the final quality of services provided to customers.

• SUL METAIS is prepared to receive and execute any project of all sizes throughout Brazil.

• The sum of all these processes ensures customer security regarding delivery of the work in the shortest possible time, with speed, accuracy and service quality certified by our customers.




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